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    If you could write JP4

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    Sep-24-2012 9:28 AM

    If you were chosen to write the story behind JP4, what would it be? I would write a story around Lex and Tim (bringing back now adult actors Joe Mazzello and Ariana Richards) who are trying to finish the dream of their now deceased grandfather. If done the right way it could wrap around a very plausible story.

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    Sep-30-2012 9:50 PM

    i would like to have it as , the world knows about the island after all it was all over the news ( the first accedent and then rex in the city and then the navy comming to the rescue) so how bout a 2 shady guys offer hunters the chance of a life time , to hunt a dino . the guys travel to the island at night and have a small hideout/basecamp . im thinking its on the first island where dennis was ment to meet the boat . maby have a hunter with a raptor head mounted in his office and hes possing for a pic with the head just in frame , thats where (grant , or malcom , or tim or .......) sees it and questions its authenticity , thus having the hunter agree to tell them about the extream hunts tours. then have the good guys going to the island to get proof to show the goverment thats its happing , (with some doggy goverment guy being involved with it) then ppl start getting eaten and well i havent realy thourght about the rest . i have a better one ill put in the next post


    Sep-30-2012 11:49 PM

    ok so theres this one aswell. opening scene . its raining hard in a small fishing village , its dark and the only lights the people have are small lanterns. a mother puts her baby to bed , then walks into another room of her shack to go to sleep next to her husband. then theres a loud rumble of thunder and the baby starts crying , so the mother goes to see but stops dead in her tracks and screams as her husband gets up and runs to her , they both see a dark shadowy figure standing in the doorway , then with a crack of lighting they see the baby hanging from its mouth , and the glistening , muscular body of a monster, the beast turns and runs out into the rain , the man goes out to chase it but stops as he see it standing at the edge of the foliage . still with the crying baby in its mouth , through the hard rain he can see 2 more monsters standing there , slim, well balanced, faint glowing /reflective eyes staring back at him . then the 3 shadows disappear into the night. well as it turns out hammond has a large private estate not far from there. well secure, fenced and walled place in the jungle/rainforest/mangrove swap land , i havent decided yet . well he hasent told anyone that its there or what goes on there. henry wu is living /working there with other people from the lab back on the first island , there still employed by hammond and still working on engineering dinos in secret . hammond has a few mid size paddocks for his own mini jp , with a few smaller and less aggro dinos . but he and henry have be working on tyring to make less smart and less intimidating raptors , with 3 raptors kept there to study . well the raptors are still smart and are using a tree in the corner of there small inclosure to escape at night and roam around the area hunting and killing what ever they like . the proptery has a river running along one side that runs into the sea further down but is blocked off buy heavy gates and fencing . at one stage a rotted corps of a baby raptor is found (yes there breeding again)by a villager whos dog was chewing it , not knowing what it is , whats left is sent to a vet/doctor in the city , he gets in contact with a university in new york where tim is working now . tim is so intrested he flys out to where it was found . he ends up in a place almost like where dennis met dodson in the first movie, thats where he bumps into wu whos is suprised to see him there . (tim knows about some house hammond stays at sometimes but thats all he knows.) so he tells wu about everything that happend and that he heard a report that some kind of monster is killing and eating people , pets and cattel or something . wu seems distressed and takes tim back to the estate where time cant bleave whats going on there. and is annoyed the hammond never told him . there in a underground lab where wu show tim some papers and other stuff , then says ill be back , and walks out of the room . tim is looking at a mid size, thick glass window that looks out into the muddy river as he mover closer trying to see, a fish comes into view and he jumps back startled , thats when wu calls out to tim to come to the next room . tim turns and walks off , just as he does there a glimps of a flipper and a tail in the water that goes past the window quickly , so some how they work out that the raptors have been escaping and causing havoc and try to fix the problem befor it get worse . then i dont know maby they call the expendables for help or something . i dont think it will tie in to well. :)


    Oct-07-2012 12:55 PM

    Honestly... I believe JP4 should be a reboot. They have basically shoe horned the franchise into a tight spot where the only viable story's are someone gets stuck on the island and needs to escape again or they escape to the mainland. Both of which are stinkers. Repeating the same story of the first with Tim and Lex is horrendous. Reboot the movie, make it darker (and I actually f***ing hate when reboots are needlessly made "dark") make it violent and actually show more people dying. What happened on the islands was meant to me horrible and violent.


    Jan-13-2013 10:32 PM

    ok i don't mean to bring up a old post but i just re read the books again and have a few ideas. there's some things from the first and a lot from the second book that i would like to see in a movie . mostly if the movie had the part from the lost world book where dodgson is going to the island ( island where the lost world was )but has no idea about the dinos still there , thinking they have all been killed off he goes to recover ingen documents and files and anything left there . remember that ingen sold of alot of there sutff , turns out dodgson bought almost all of it . mostly the story of disease and copses turning up at the coast lines. introduce levine and have him be the rich type that can pay his way anywhere . he gets to the island to see whats there .basically follow most of the second book , the bike chase scene with the raptors , dodgson stealing eggs with the sound box , the attack on the high hide and more dino hunting/attacking other dinos . more about studying them and finding out about the disease . also the Camelion dino part is cool aswell.


    Jan-23-2013 11:22 PM

    the biggest thing is to not include the original cast in any capacity outside of cameos. There is no way the writers could convincingly bring back any of those characters to either island. Malcom didn't want to go there in JP2. Grant was duped into thinking it was a private, secured, air tour of the island in JP3 with funding for his digs. In JP3 they very clearly established Sattler did not want to be involved with inGen at all, or its island(s). The kids would have terrible PTS that they would not go back - unless of course they went the whole 'face your fear' route. The most logical would be to somehow re-introduce Dodgson/BioSyn from the books trying to gather inGen assets. If we assume after JP2 inGen is totally under, than we could assume a similar plot line found in book 2. Another idea; The UN, or some other form of international body with a vested interest in ecology, archeology, etc works with the Costa Rican gov't to establish a long term research outpost on the island of JP2 (since this has been established as an ecological preserve). The main purpose would be to study Dino behaviour, and sort of backwards bring back a little bit of what Hammond wanted the park to originally be. This plot could burrow many of the out-of-sight techniques employed in book2. The conflict could really be anything as simple as rogue biologist striking out on his own to study so he can make his own name not associated with the group study, so he alone could reap the rewards. He then enters into rex/spino/raptor territory, all of which by this point know the taste of man, and they either take him down, or he inadvertantly leads the dinos back to the research facility. This plot idea could give the possiblity of giving viewers more chance of seeing the dinos in a proper light, and not just as movie monsters, while also setting the stage for a new trilogy, as has been stated they hope to do.


    Jan-24-2013 1:38 AM

    I think it should be about Tim going back to the islands on his own intentions. With Lex at the beginning convincing him not to go back. Have it where, Tim discovers an illness that has developed within the dinosaurs. Also thought of bringing Billy back as a scientist, who became the Island man. Where he's made it just living on the island with the dinosaurs, like hobo status. Work something off of that and it would be a GREAATTT story. Passing thought from a teenage girl who only made a profile just so I could express my thought for Jurassic Park IV. Why? Because, I have been stuck watching all three Jurassic Park movies late at night because that is all my boyfriend refuses to watch while sleeping.


    Jan-25-2013 11:34 AM

    My favorite parts of Jurassic Park is when the dinosaurs fight together and with the army. So I have mane ideas to see more of that: 1.A big terrorist attack whit dinosaur. 2. The army want finish with the dinosaurs. To do it they need to prove that the dinosaurs are to dangerous. So they get like 4 or more dinosaurs to the cite, but a group of idiots from the "protection of the dinosaurs" let they escape. 3.For example, the Leopluradon are water dinosaurs. So they can go any were. What would happens if they and another wather and fly dinosaur visit the rest of the world. 4.Now, the new punishment for the the bad people who is considerate like the most dangerous are condemned to a ultimate jail in the Jurassic Park island. There no police in the jail, so they can go if they want, but the wold be eat be the dinosaurs. But inside the building are safe. So a intelligent man do a master plan to escape using hes partners like bait. he obtains to dominate a T-Rex... maybe I exaggerates. ┬┐What do you thing about my ideas?

    Lord Rex

    Feb-04-2013 11:34 PM

    There are a few loose ends to be used... 1. The San Diego plant was never officially shut down. A possible splinter cell creating more and more dinosaurs? 2. The man who drives the boat to Isla Sorna mentions "las cinco muertes," the five deaths. This could mean that there is a possibility of another three islands... 3. There are five Pteranodons flying around somewhere now. 4. How the heck did the Spinosaurus get onto Isla Sorna? The San Diego plant has been creating dinosaur such as the Spinosaurus and has been slowly population the other three islands with their own creations, including larger predators and aquatic reptiles. At some point, I'm just desperate to explain the Spinosaurus...good enough, eh?

    [email protected]

    Feb-16-2013 6:02 PM

    How about this? A group of workers have been sent to Isla Numblar to renivate the island into a resort thinking that all the dinos have died out due to the liscene contengencies. but some of them then get killed by Dilophosuaruses 2 months after some pteredons wreak havoc in Puerto Rico which sparks a heated debate on wether or not the Dinos should be deemed ungodly mutations and be killed. The Puerto Rican government finnaly decides to send a group of specialists to the island to kill all the dinos John Hammmond heares aout this and creates another group of specialists to go to the and capture 2 of each dino specimen on the island so he can create a new heavily garded island which the public wil be oblivious of. He gets Dr. Sattler and Dr. Grant (now married) to lead the expidition by telling them that he'll give them money to send the'r kids through colledge and that they're actualy going to the island to rescue some activists that got standed on the island weeks before. The specialist group gets Dr. Malcolm to be a guide on their expidition because his duaghter was a member of the group of activists that got stranded on the island in Hammond's story. once there the specialist'sboat gets destroyed by 2 fighting marine dinosuares and Hammond's plain gets attacked by pteridons and crashes in the mountains which leaves both groups stranded on the island with little weapons or neccesities. On the island exiting action scenes insue which feature Velocoraptors attacking the plain, a stampede of herbivor Dinosuares that have been featured in the previous films, and Ellie driving a JP jeep of a clif which gets cuaght by a thick cluster of vines, and a spino trying to eat Ellie in that jeep in the rain. One of the stranded activists tells them all that the Dinos have actualy been trained to kill on command by a terrorist group based on the island and they plan on unleashing the dinos on either DC or New York (I havn't decided yet) and that they're sending the rst of the activists there so they can whitness the whole thing. The climax is a huge dino battle in the city which i ntroduces some new dinosuares and ends of course with a thrilling action scene with the Trex. The plot wraps up witha debate of wehther or not the dinos left on the main land should be killed or just sent back to the island. I would love feed back on this stary thank you :)

    [email protected]

    Feb-16-2013 6:06 PM

    Ps I know that had alot of spelling mistakes and the terrorist group also bred new dinos which explaines the spinosuarus


    Feb-22-2013 1:29 PM

    I personally think that the perfect storyline would be about Dinosaurs gaining back what was rightfully there's 65 millions years ago, by taking over the world. however humanity have to find away to restore order without killing the dinosaurs. (to some people this will be upsetting by killing them) so basically the way to live and the earth should be is by dinosaurs and humanity living on earth together but carnivours live on islands where humans do not. Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum have to try and convince the Presidents, kings, Queens, prime ministers. also a mix up in Dino dna at isla Nublar when making the dinosaurs in the original film..... When they created the t-rex they made a mistake in the original test and throwed it away but as time as gone on the dinosaur that got made by accident has turned into a Giganotosaurus (This will introduce a new dinosaur) also near by crocodiles to the island get accidentally pregnant with dino dna and accidently create a deinosuchus and also other dino sea creatures which open up the movie by attacking boats off the island coastline. which get navy seals and Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum to the scene to investagate

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