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    Over 20 new Jurassic World screenshots give us our best look yet at the park's Dinosaurs and attractions!

    Over 20 new Jurassic World screenshots give us our best look yet at the park's Dinosaurs and attractions!

    Scified2015-05-28 18:01:05
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    As new TV spots, trailers and movie clips for Jurassic World have been released, scenes have been updated with more current CGI as well as new footage. Below are 20 screencaps I took from the recent trailers and featurettes which offer us both improved scenes as well as all the new ones. Since Jurassic World's first trailer, fans have been critical of the film's CGI Dinosaurs. It would seem with the new trailers and TV spots, that those concerned can rest easy. Textures of the Dinosaurs appear to be massively improved, though hard to compare with practical animatronics, they come pretty close!

    As you can see, the CGI of the Galimimus has improved a lot since the first teaser trailer. To compare, here's a screenshot of the same scene, from the first Jurassic World teaser trailer:

    Moving on, this scene also looks improved as well as having new dinosaurs added to the river:

    Here's that same scene, again, from the first teaser:

    Next up we have some new footage, showing some Ankylosaurus, in the wild located in the Restricted Zone of Isla Nublar - where Zach and Gray find themselves after they venture through an open gate during their tour of Jurassic World.

    Here we have some great new shots of the Gyrosphere ride, which lets park visitors tour through the open plains of a massive enclosure, which houses friendly adult Herbivores. The CGI Dinosaurs here have also been massively improved from earlier versions:

    Following the wide landscape shots, we also got a new look at the park's Velociraptors, more commonly known by the fan community as Owen's Raptor Squad. The recent featurette gave us a great look at the Raptors' new CGI renderings, which many will agree looks really good:

    An edited scene includes the Tyrannosaurus Rex tease, which features a viewing area and the iconic goat meal ticket. However, the improved scene shows the park administrators luring the T-rex out using a red flare - which is foreshadowing an encounter which takes place later on in the film:

    We also have some extended footage of the Mosasaurus feeding on a Great White shark:

    ... As well as a look inside the new Visitor Centre:

    ... And finally, some new shots of the film's new "main attraction", the terrifying Indominus rex as it chases Zach and Gray, as well makes short work of the park's ACU troopers who attempt to track and take down the escaped monster:

    There's also this cool shot, showing what the park's Aviary looks like:

    There's still so much of this film we haven't seen, but these few cut-scenes should be enough to get any casual fan hyped for Jurassic World's release next month. It's clear the film won't feature as many animatronic Dinosaurs as the first three Jurassic Park films, but it's clear the CGI used for the film has come a long way since the first trailer.

    What has been your favorite cut-scene so far? Which Dinosaurs do you think look the best? Let me know your opinions below!

    Be sure to check the Jurassic World Screenshots Gallery for over 200 more screenshots, NOT including the ones featured here!

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    Written by ChrisPublished on 2015-05-28 18:01:05

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    Fan responses to Over 20 new Jurassic World screenshots give us our best look yet at the park's Dinosaurs and attractions!


    May-29-2015 2:11 AM

    It really does show how much the CGI has immensely improved since the teaser trailer which I am very happy about.

    Note: I think the same image of the river ride has been uploaded twice. The teaser trailer version didn't have an apatosaurus (?) in the water and the textures were not as refined as the most recent version. 


    May-29-2015 7:34 AM

    You're absolutely right! I must have pasted the same river screenshot haha! I've updated the post with the right image now. Thanks for pointing that out.


    Apr-22-2016 2:12 PM

    Love looking back at the lead up to Jurassic World. Can't wait until we have new stuff to discuss like this for Jurassic World 2!

    I Meme Everything

    Apr-23-2016 3:34 AM

    Yeah.  I haven't felt anything like this for the franchise since the hype for Jurassic World

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