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    Welcome to Jurassic Park! (Introduce yourself!)

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    Jul-13-2014 6:35 PM




    Recently I noticed we have a sudden large amount of New Members, And, As many of us once were, It's kinda hard to Introduce yourself, Or get people to know you...




    This topic (Welcome to Jurassic park) Is so New, (And you old) Members can Introduce yourselves. It helps to meet new people.




    If your new, In the comments below include the following:



    Favourite Dinosaur:

    Favourite JP Movie:

    Something Really Interesting About yourself:


    Thats it. 


    Thats really it.


    Now, I can only do so much as to help you Introduce yourself, The rest, You've got to do on your own. 






    Oh, and one last thing.

     In the Iconic Words of Sir Richard Attenborough,


    "Welcome, To Jurassic Park,"


    Added by **AL**

    To the newbies that are interested in  how this community works:


    Life cannot be contained, it breaks walls, crashes through barriers sometimes painfully, but uh... Life uh, finds a way

    104 Responses to Welcome to Jurassic Park! (Introduce yourself!)


    Apr-18-2017 8:50 AM

    Hello everyone, so why did I join? Because I'm a massive fan of science fiction/fantasy movies and love to share my thoughts and opinions with like minded people. Grew up watching movies like Star Wars, Aliens, Predator, Robocop, Jurassic Park... all the classics and they all helped fuel my love/passion for film. 

    I've also got a YouTube channel for those that may be interested in checking it out. I do movie reviews, unboxings, trailer reaction videos, all the geeky stuff! Yeah i'm a big geek.

    So I look forward to discussing all things sci-fi with you guys!


    I Meme Everything

    Apr-28-2017 12:46 PM

    My old username makes me cringe lol


    I'm Draconus Tyrannus.


    My favourite dinosaur is Tyrannosaurus rex


    My favourite JP film is the original Jurassic Park



    "Part of the journey is the end..."

    Nancy Wang

    May-15-2017 8:03 PM

    Hi My Name is Nancy, Velociraptor is one of my favorite specie  because of the movie. My job is related to dinosaurs, so I am willing to know more about dinosaur.


    Nov-24-2017 12:33 PM

    I haven't introduced myself yet at all!  Although, you probably know me to some degree, because I joined late in 2013.

    Userame:  Alphadino65

    Favourite Dinosaur:  Tyrannosauus rex

    Favourite JP film:  Jurassic Park, the movie that started it all!

    Interesting factoids:  I have almost finished my kinesiology degree, focusing on biomechanics (which can easily be applied to dinosaurs as well), and I'm one of the biggest hockey fans around!  Also, if anyone forgot, I am the authour of "The Tyrant's Roar", which was posted in 2014; it got "critical acclaim" from readers (though they were posted on the Dinosaurs forum rather than this).


    Dec-11-2017 8:20 PM

    My name is AV8er, I’m the guy who gets you to all the islands, but you can call me Justin :)

    my favorite dinosaur is probably just the stegosaurus. 

    Movie would probably be the first Jurassic park but I absolutely love all of the movies so please don’t ever ask me to choose again :(


    something interesting about me, I am a nerd. 

    parasaurolphus fan 101

    May-20-2018 7:32 PM

    hi my name real name is Lachlan owers I am a huge fan of Jurassic park and kaiju.

    my favorite dinosaur is parsaurolophus.

    my favorite Jurassic park movie is Jurassic world but I also love all the films.

    that's it really and I am happy to join scificed :)



    The God Of Destruction

    May-30-2018 7:46 AM

    My Name here is The God OF Destruction 

    My real name is Alex 

    My fav. Dino is by far The Indominus Rex but the Velocirapture takes the cake!

    My fav. Jurassic Park movie is Jurassic World!


     Fun fact : I'm 18 and still into Dino's! 


    Jul-02-2018 3:13 PM

    Hello JP world!  I am a long time fan of the Jurassic Films! I saw the original in 1993 when it opened. I was amazed! 

    Username: Bluedinosaur

    Favorite Dino: dah......."Blue"

    JP movie: The original

    Something about me: I studied acting in L.A. at the studio where Jack Colvin worked. 

    I cant wait for part 3!  If they kill off Blue, (and or the TRex) I'm going to write a letter! and pound on some heads!


    Thank you. 



    Oct-04-2018 8:12 AM

    Hi guys,I'm SpinoTheBeast. Obviously,my favorite dinosaur is Spinosaurus. But i also like all dinosaurs,i hold no grudge against any. My favorite JP movie is JP3 and Jurassic World,1 and 2. Fun fact: I am a big fan of carnivores.


    Oct-11-2018 10:43 AM


    Megaloraptor Godnesis (My own created dinosaur)

    Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom



    '"Life's to short"'- Unspeakable Gaming


    Sep-18-2019 7:33 AM

    I'm not super new to Scified, but I'm kinda new to THIS blog. 

    Username: EDIT: Changed name from 21pilot-FlyleafFANKaiju to Flyleaf-Rapt0r (obviously). You can call me Fly, most of my friends on here do.

    Fav dino: Velociraptor. I know it's generic, but I just like them. Also, Spinosaurus, and T-Rex, STILL GENERIC OOF...BUT...I also love Carnotaurus. 

    Fav JP movie: I liked the first and third one, though 2 was kinda cool for that Godzilla reference.

    Interesting fact(s): I'm actually a girl, and my dad also likes Godzilla and dinosaurs, so he's fun to talk to. Shin is my favorite incarnation of Godzilla. Also, sometimes I'm called "the walking encyclopedia" by my mom because I sometimes say random facts. AND I LOVE BREAKING BENJAMIN IT IS A GOOD BAND

    'Twas that vain, stuck-up thing on the wall.

    Perfect Turd Podcast

    Feb-24-2020 7:23 PM

    Username:[email protected]

    Favourite Dinosaur: Velociraptor

    Favourite JP Movie: Jurassic Park 

    Something Really Interesting About yourself: I have my own podcast and we recently just did a post about dinosaur B-movies-


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