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    It's Been One Year...

    It's Been One Year...

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    Jun-10-2016 5:22 PM

     It's been one year...




    June 11th. The Park Opened and Closed one year ago...


    I have so many thoughts, but no words. 


    I love Jurassic World...



    8 Responses to It's Been One Year...

    I Meme Everything

    Jun-10-2016 6:08 PM

    Here in America, it's still the 10th.  XD

    "Part of the journey is the end..."


    Jun-10-2016 8:11 PM

    Hahaha! XD I would've seen it twice by now! Watched a midnight screening (only one, and I was the only kid there, everyone else were grown ups!) then the next morning again. Honoured the anniversary by having a marathon yesterday and watching Jurassic World at 12:01 AM then just finished 20 minutes ago too! Can't believe it's been a year!

    Something Real

    Jun-11-2016 12:04 AM

    JPCERATO - It is extremely fantastic to see you once more, my friend! You are absolutely right; it was a phenomenal film! :)


    Oct-18-2016 11:22 AM

    The good thing about the movie is its animation and background score. It was the best movie I have watched as a sequel of dinosaurs story and I think no need to say it as we all knew it. If anyone suggest me to write a movie review, I will go after Jurassic World. The climax of the movie is again interesting which gives us an expectation of 2nd part will be coming soon. I'm looking forward to it.


    Oct-18-2016 11:55 AM

    I Heart Jurassic World!

    I Meme Everything

    Mar-11-2018 3:05 PM

    Updated opinion: f*cking hate this movie.

    "Part of the journey is the end..."


    Jul-14-2018 9:23 PM

    Updated Opinion: Jurassic World is still awesome to this life long veteran Jurassic Park fanboy 

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