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    Dinosaurs! What new species would you like to see?

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    Oct-17-2017 1:19 AM

    With every Jurassic movie new dinosaurs are added.. So what do you want to see that'll be new to the franchise?

    Try to share names & pictures, as not everyone is a expert.. and hell, there are lots odd species out there which mean even the Paleontologists struggle to keep up at points.

    Anyway, I'm gonna kick this off with pop culture classic: Dimetrodon.

    While not actually a dinosaur, but rather a synapsid, this animal would look right at home in the series. Plus, it has appeared in the extended media of Jurassic Park quite a few times, with numerous toys and comic appearances. I've always imagined these creatures being awkward and lazy, but if you piss them off (come too close to their family unit & den) they'll relentlessly barrel at you grunting and roaring like a wild hog. What's nice is they could fit an interesting niche of creatures that haven't really been explored in the films as of yet.

    So, lets post some prehistoric creatures!


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    18 Responses to Dinosaurs! What new species would you like to see?


    Nov-24-2017 5:47 PM

    Carnotaurus, Stygimoloch, and Baryonyx have been confirmed for JW:FK.

    For the 3rd installment, I don't necessarily want a NEW dinosaur to be shown, but both of the ones I'll list would make their first appearances in the trilogy.   

    We haven't seen either one in 16 years and counting...

    One species is the very definition of wonder and amazement.  One cannot help but look up to it, and hear it's magnificent haunting cry...

    The other is the very definition of rage.  It is one, now very old, individual.  But its age hasn't hindered the strength and anger that its roar embodies.  All fear this beast, while it fears none, and it has eyes set on one species that rivals it as the apex predator of the island.

    Care to guess which dinosaurs I just described?

    I Meme Everything

    Dec-02-2017 5:46 PM

    ^Carnotaurus? Hell yeah! Btw the first you described was B.altithorax, and the other was the queen herself, Rexy!

    "Part of the journey is the end..."


    Dec-03-2017 9:30 PM

    @Regent Tyrannos, you guessed right with the Brachiosaurus.  But, Rexy is not the second dinosaur I described.

    Here are 2 hints, on top of the description I gave above:  this individual animal has proven to threaten Rexy's kin, and it was last seen on Isla Sorna, not Nublar.

    I Meme Everything

    Dec-08-2017 7:42 PM

    ^Spinosaurus aegyptiacus?

    "Part of the journey is the end..."

    I Meme Everything

    Dec-08-2017 7:42 PM

    I'm guessing it's either that JPIII abomination or the Buck from TLW:JP.

    "Part of the journey is the end..."


    Dec-11-2017 12:18 PM

    @Tyrannos:  yup.  THAT Spinosaurus.  An old warrior, the stuff of legend!

    BUT...I'm always down to see another male T.rex.  If the male from TLW is still alive, I'd like to see how he aged too!  And his mate and offspring!

    After seeing the JW:FK trailer, one of these animals is confirmed.  My jaw dropped when I saw the Brachiosaurus, and then I gave a bigger reaction when I saw them alongside the Apatosaurus!

    Rexy the T-Rex

    Apr-18-2018 10:51 AM

    a new species i would like to see in jurassic world fallen kingdom is a: triceratops+T-Rex hybrid or tricerasaurus rex 

    Keep calm and trust Rexy

    Rexy the T-Rex

    Apr-18-2018 10:53 AM

    Image result for tricera saurus rex hybrid

    It would look more like this

    Keep calm and trust Rexy


    Apr-18-2018 5:53 PM

    I'm down for an Ultimasaurus

    Rexy the T-Rex

    Apr-19-2018 8:59 AM

     ultimasaurus vs Rexy but Rexy has a twist. She has an indominus rex on her side.

    Keep calm and trust Rexy

    I Meme Everything

    Apr-24-2018 1:06 PM

    I just want the hybrid BS to stop.

    "Part of the journey is the end..."

    parasaurolphus fan 101

    May-20-2018 7:36 PM

    giganotosaurus and kritosaurs.


    May-20-2018 10:27 PM

    there will be no more hybrids in Jurassic World III/Jurassic Park VI.

    On that note, I would liked to see feathered dinosaurs like Yutyrannus

    The Jurassic Bootleg

    May-21-2018 3:01 PM

    I honestly don't want to see Giganotosaurus, too similar to the T.Rex, wouldn't be special.

    Godzilla Generations was a beautiful game! I loved the fact that there's a laser cannon inside of Dr. Serizawa's eyepatch.


    May-21-2018 9:58 PM

    @The Jurassic Bootleg

    Well Giganotosaurus does have a different looking head, of coarse they could radicalize its design since all the resurrected dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park/World universe are genetically engineered.

    The Jurassic Bootleg

    May-22-2018 6:59 AM


    When I mean that it's too similar to rex, I mean that it's just going to be a T.Rex clone, its abilities are too similar to that of a rex.

    Godzilla Generations was a beautiful game! I loved the fact that there's a laser cannon inside of Dr. Serizawa's eyepatch.

    The God Of Destruction

    May-30-2018 7:29 AM

     How about The Indominus Rex again except In Jurassic World 3 it's a battle between The I.Rex and The IndoRapture!



    Jul-14-2018 9:19 PM

    The will be no more hybrids in the next movie and Spinosaurus is extinct. The creature from III was only member of its kind and was the prototype to the indominus rex.

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