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    Jurassic Park: Aftermath

    Jurassic Park: Aftermath

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    Aug-23-2018 6:15 AM

    Its been a year since InGen abandoned Isla Nublar and its Jurassic Park facilities. Overgrowth of vegetation has reclaimed the facilities, violent tropical storms had ravaged what was left of the electric fences. Dinosaurs freely roaming outside of their initial paddocks unchecked and unhindered. A large elephantine foot stomps on the cracked pavement road, this massive foot came from one among the largest animals to have ever walked the earth, Brachiosaurus brancai. She bellows out a song-like roar, to announce her presence to the smaller herbivores that were in her way. The graceful giant leaned her head towards the trees to munch on its branches.

    While down below her was a concrete building now covered lichen and vines. A lone Gallimimus ventured into the incomplete gap in the abandoned structure's wall. It silently surveyed its surroundings, all it could see were broken stairways, collapsed heaps of bone replicas, and large patches of grass breaking through the decaying floors. The Gallimimus spotted a small rodent among the grass patches, feeding on some seeds. Hungry, the Gallimimus bolted towards the rodent; the rodent fled up the stairwell, the gallimimus followed suit. The rodent turned turned on a dime and bolted towards a dark room filled with dark seats and a handle bar for each row. It hides amongst the seating as the Gallimimus slowly enters the room, searching for its prey.

    The Gallimimus approached the seat, the rodent bolted as it barely escaped from the bird-like dinosaur's snapping jaws. The rodent pounced on a ledge that was covered in broken glass, the gallimimus pull her head from underneath the black seat, she quickly scanned the room before spotting the fleeing rat. The rodent hopped down from the glass covered ledge into an office-like room. it scurried under a desk that was covered in mess before the rodent was suddenly crushed. The rodent squealed as its spine and chest was crushed by rows of serrated teeth, the creature jerked its head from underneath the desk then looked up at the gallimimus. She swallows the rodent whole, serving as an appetizer for the coming meal. 

    The Gallimimus shrieked angrily, now her meal has been stolen. The creature feeling threatened, the overlapping skin around her neck suddenly spranged open into a frill. She snarled at the gallimimus to make herself look bigger. The Gallimimus turned around to escaped but her exit was blocked by another Dilophosaurus, also with his frills out. The male dilophosaurus spat at the Gallimimus, forcing it to flee into the control room, while his sister lunges at the gallimimus. The Gallimimus bolted as the female dilophosaurus throws herself into messy workstation, toppling over the Unix computer monitor. The Gallimimus spotted a small entrance pried open just a little, she bolted towards the door, she shoveled in her snout as she pushed the door open to make her escape. Free at last, the gallimimus bolted up the stairwell but out from around the corner came an adult Dilophosaurus, their mother.

    6 Responses to Jurassic Park: Aftermath

    I Meme Everything

    Aug-26-2018 6:35 AM

    Wait, aren't Gallimimus herbivores?

    "Part of the journey is the end..."


    Aug-27-2018 4:36 AM

    Gallimimus are omnivores, they like to eat small mammals, small reptiles, insects, eggs, and plants.


    Oct-11-2018 10:40 AM

    Gallys are omnivores. Everybody forgot about Isla Sorna. The Jurassic series is far from being over.

    '"Life's to short"'- Unspeakable Gaming


    Oct-14-2018 5:11 AM

    Oh my story is about what happened right after the original Jurassic Park, Isla Sorna will be featured in my story. Hey any suggestions how I can push forward this story?


    Jun-28-2019 8:46 PM

    Okay i'm going to push this story forward and try to revive some of my other Jurassic Park story projects


    Oct-08-2019 9:10 AM

    This is the prequel to my Las Cinco Muertes series

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