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    Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Saurophaganax (Reboot)

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    James Inkton

    May-03-2019 8:05 AM

    Today i am going to tell you guys my opinion on who would win a fight between these two.


    Tyrannosaurus Rex:

    Related image

    Height: 15 Feet

    Length: 40 Feet

    Weight: 9 Tons

    Speed: 17 Tons

    Bite Force: 6.5 Tons

    Diet: Large and Armored Dinosaurs



    Image result for saurophaganax

    Height: 12 Feet

    Length: 43 Feet

    Weight 3-5 Tons

    Speed: 23 MPH

    Bite Force: 1-2 Tons

    Diet: Medium Dinosaurs


    Advantages for Tyrannosaurus Rex:

    Stronger Bite


    Better Vision

    Better Smell Bulkier

    Stronger Skull


    Advantages for Saurophaganax:

    Slightly Larger

    Faster/More Agile





    Image result for T rex vs Saurophaganax

    T Rex Stumbles upon a Carcus Of a dead Edmontosaurus, He begins to feed on it immediately, 5 Minutes in eating he senses something heading towards him, he sees a male Saurophaganax attracted to the feast. The T rex uses Vibrations to try and force him away from the carcus but Sauro, Doesn't care he charges and roars at the T rex but t rex doesn't care either the fight is on, T rex makes the first move and fails to get a bite on the more agile Sauro, Sauro Twists and bites the T rexs side, When t rex sees hes bleeding he is pissed and rams the Sauro with his huge battering ram shaped head, He Then Knocks sauro on the ground and using the Bite force of 12,500 Pounds per square inch he Crushes the neck bones of Sauro, He proceeds to drag the sauro next to the dead edmontosaurus and begins the feast of a life time this will satisfy the T rex for about a week.

    Winner: Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Image result for tyrannosaurus rex


    The T rex kept his head forward and used his brain as his ultimate weapon the agility of saurophaganax wasn't enough to bring down the King. But that is just my opinion, Who do you think would win?

    5 Responses to Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Saurophaganax (Reboot)


    May-03-2019 8:26 PM

    You still have that speed error. Also, if you want to make a revision on a topic you don't have to write it all over again, you can just click on the edit button on your topic. Other than that, once again, great fight.


    May-03-2019 8:26 PM

    Oh also, you misspelled Carcass. Minor note there, not too distracting.....

    James Inkton

    May-03-2019 9:41 PM

    How where do I edit?



    May-03-2019 10:55 PM

    There should be a button that says edit; it also says that on your comments at the bottom.


    May-03-2019 10:55 PM

    There should be a button that says edit; it also says that on your comments at the bottom.

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