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    Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Cacharodontosaurus

    Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Cacharodontosaurus

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    James Inkton

    May-09-2019 6:31 AM

    Today I am going to give you guys my opinion on who would win a fight between these two.


    Tyrannosaurus Rex:

    Related image

    Height: 15 Feet

    Length: 40 Feet

    Weight: 9 Tons

    Speed: 17 MPH

    Bite Force: 6.5 Tons

    Diet: Large and Armored Dinosaurs



    Related image

    Height: 12 Feet

    Length: 46 Feet

    Weight: 6-8 Tons

    Speed: 20 MPH

    Bite Force: 1-2 Tons

    Diet: Large Dinosaurs


    Advantages for Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Stronger Bite


    Better Eyesight

    Better Smell

    Stronger Skull


    Advantages for Cacharodontosaurus

    Slightly Larger


    More Functional Arms




    Image result for tyrannosaurus rex vs carcharodontosaurus

    Carchar Finishes killing an Ouranosaurus, He begins to feed, about 10 Minutes into the feeding, he feels the ground begin to rumble he turns around and sees a huge shadow around the corner, when the creature revealed itself, it was a Male T Rex attracted to the feast, the T Rex sees the dead Ouranosaurus behind the Carchar, he looks at Carchar, and charges at Carchar, with his head down he rams Carchar at full speed, Carchar is mad and roars while charging at T Rex mouth agape, he bites the T Rex's back and holds on, T Rex's rage kicks in and shakes Carchar off, T Rex pushes Carchar back with his huge head Carchar lunges but fails to get a bite on T Rex, T Rex twists his body around and bites Carchar's neck, not letting go, Carchar struggles to get out but it's no use, the T Rex starts to crush the Carchar's wind pipe, and kills him, T Rex tears the body to pieces, and leaves it there as a message to any other Carcharodontosaurus in the area, He then begins the feast on the Ouranosaurus and will satisfy him for 2 days. The End


    Winner: Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Related image

    T Rex would have the clear cut advantage of this make believe fight, Having more advanced eyes, smells and a Stronger Bite. But who do you think would win?

    Youtube Channel: James Inkton 2

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    4 Responses to Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Cacharodontosaurus


    May-10-2019 9:18 AM

    Good fight man! Slight nitpick, but it seems you've used Tyrannosaurus a bit much, at least in a row. And it's almost always been against a Carnosaur. Just a nitpick. I have a fight suggestion, though. I feel like Siats V.S. Carcharodontosaurus would be a cool fight, or Siats V.S. Saurophaganax.

    "If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done," TheLazyFish, January 30, 2019.

    James Inkton

    May-11-2019 7:26 AM

    Ok I’ll try that sometime

    James Inkton

    May-11-2019 7:32 AM

    I am going to do more fights later in the week. I am just so busy right now



    May-11-2019 1:10 PM

    I know the pain. And thanks for considering my suggestion!

    "If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done," TheLazyFish, January 30, 2019.

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