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    Diplodocus V.S. Diplodocus

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    May-15-2019 2:41 PM

    Before we get into the fight, this was once again a suggestion by Alphadino65, kinda. The suggestion was intraspecific combat between Sauropods, I just decided on using Diplodocus because it had the same weapons of most Sauropods plus the signature whip tail of Diplodocids. So, without further ado, "LET THEM FIGHT!!!!" (The Godzilla hype is real)


    A predator stalks the undergrowth, following the herd of titans who head off towards the vast plains of the North. Ken has been following this herd for years now, ever since he left the nest and decided to investigate the large booming sounds a few miles away. The forest-green feathered Compsognathus discovered a herd of Diplodocus, and along with them he found a feast. He found enough food to last him a lifetime which replenishes nearly every day. Firstly, there are the piles of dung left by the titans, many times heavier than himself and would crush him if he failed to get out of the way in time. All though they don't contain the proteins of his usual diet, they do give him nutrients he isn't usually able to get from his prey. Next there are the insects that feed on the blood and droppings of the Diplodocus, being able to be found on any Diplodocus. That is his primary source of protein, and is an everlasting supply. Then there are the occasional animals squashed under the feet of the Diplodocus. These are free meals for him and require only patience for the herd to move on, and are quite common. Lastly, Diplodocus are always heading towards a new water source, and once they have had their fill of the water, Ken makes use of the tiny puddles of water the Diplodocus are unable to drink, yet are large enough for him. During the breeding season, he can also feast upon their eggs and hatchlings when they nest in the Eternal Prairies. The only downside is that he has to constantly follow the herd, and can't rest until they stop.  However, life isn't so peaceful for the titans themselves at the moment. With the upcoming breeding season, the young males have become restless, and have even gone out of their way to kill any Theropods too slow to escape to impress the females. However, the herd is controlled by a single, alpha, dull orange, old bull who does not permit any breeding between the young males and the females of the herd he has led for most of his life. The old bull is very strict on this rule, and severely punishes any young males who break this rule with a beating and exile. He only ever needs to worry about this one or two months of every year, but during this time he is in constant battle to keep his position as the alpha male. Unfortunately for him, he's become fairly ill, and his old age is starting to make it hard for him to move as much without causing pain. The old bull is lucky that no males have challenged him this year, but that is about to change. A young, dark green male finds a Saurophaganax stalking an old female with a broken leg. He runs as fast as he can to meet this threat, and as he rears up to crush the predator, it runs off. Now he has lost his best opportunity to show off to the females, but before he leaves he purposefully knocks some especially tall trees in a last attempt to win their favor. One female does take notice, and the show impresses her. She releases low booming sounds while swaying her tail in a small, circular motion. The young male notices, and goes over, but before he gets there the old bull notices. The bull becomes enraged at this action, and goes off to put the young male in his place. The young male is about to reach the female when a thunderous CRACK is heard for miles around. Ken suddenly turns to see what the sound was. He sees blood streaming down the side of the young male as the bull brings his tail back to its original position. What seems like a significant amount of blood lost is very minor for the titan, but the pain is excruciating. The young male is infuriated by this, and decides to challenge the old bull for the position of alpha male. This is a horrible idea, as the old bull is several tonnes heavier due to his advanced age and has much more experience when it comes to fighting. The young male releases a thunderous below, causing the ground to shake under Ken's feet. The old bull releases an even louder bellow, causing termite mounds to shake nearby. The two continue to roar at each other, all the while Ken struggles to stay on his feet as they watch. After a while, Ken can't hear anything besides a faint ringing, but soon he is able to hear again once they stop their roaring. Even to the Compsagnathus it is clear that neither of the titans are backing down, so they must battle. The two rear up and crash into each other almost in sync, before hitting the floor, using the other to keep themselves up while they try their hardest to knock the other down. The two titans lock legs while also kicking as hard as they can. The young male begins to smash his head into the bull, but the bull does the same. They smash into each other with such force that the areas of impact immediately bruise, with one more smash they bleed heavily. Neither can keep this up for long. Suddenly, the arthritis in his leg acts up and the old bull has to return to his normal position. He gets out of the deadly embrace and lets gravity bring him back to the ground, causing extreme trembles in the ground which causes Ken to fall over. As he gets up, he falls right back onto the ground when the young male Diplodocus returns to the ground. The two titans turn parallel to each other while facing opposite directions. They then start body checking one another, each impact threatening to knock them over onto the ground below. After a few impacts, they have broken ribs, but the young male pulls something unexpected. He turns slightly and cracks his tail whip into the side of the old bull, the sound alone causing Ken's ears to ring. The bull has torn flesh and one of his ribs were almost obliterated from the blow. The bull bellows in pain, but then does the same back to the young male, doing even more damage. The two keep this up, but then it's time for the bull's ace in the hole. As the young male tries to regain balance from the most recent strike, the old bull body checks him, sending him to the floor. The sound of his ribs breaking only muffled by the giant CRASH that sprang from his fall. Ken actually blacked out from the tremors. When he comes to, he sees the old bull slowly walking over to the young male as he struggles to get to his feet. The old bull is about to do the final move. He's going to rear up and fall almost onto the male's head, to scare it out of the fight and exile it. As he rears up, the young male finally gets his feet underneath him. He sees the bull rearing up to kill him. He tries one last thing. He pushes off his back legs as hard as he can, rearing up at impressive speeds and collides with the underbelly of the bull while he is still rearing for his attack. The blow is hard enough  to send the bull falling backwards over his legs; collapsing onto his tail. The thunderous CRASH was this time overshadowed by the CRACK of all his tail vertebrae and ribs. His back almost broke from the fall, it's a wonder he's still alive. His tail bones have been destroyed, and his ribs have been obliterated. He struggles to get up, but manages. He can barely stand or keep balance, and his tail is dragging on the floor behind him as opposed to the usual horizontal posture it is held. It's a wonder he can still walk. The young male booms an enormous bellow, exiling the old bull. The old bull slowly, yet as fast as he can, limps away. Ken is impressed; he has never seen a Diplodocus able to overthrow the bull. However, from past experience with some of the young males that have been so badly destroyed by the bull, he follows, knowing what will happen next. The bull, however, does not. As he is about to reach the forest, the Saurophaganax rushes in and clamps onto his neck. He cries for help, but the herd moves on; he is no longer part of the herd. He can't rear up or use his tail to defend himself, and his neck was almost broken in the fall, so his feeble attempts to fight back do next to nothing to the predator he faces. The Saurophaganax is then joined by its mate, who both rip into the neck and legs of the titan. Soon, the titan collapses to the ground, weakly moaning in pain. The two apex predators put all their power into 2, synchronized bites, breaking the neck of the once proud titan. They feast upon the flesh of the Diplodocus, while Ken joins in at the opposite end of the feast.  7 juvenile Saurophaganax make their way into the clearing and also begin to feed on the carcass, and after them an Allosaurus joins. After that a Ceratosaurus, and even a Torvosaurus feast on the carcass, yet none of the carnivores care about one another as there is more than enough food to last them months even if they were all to stay here. Ken doesn't have that option, though. He must do what he has always done, follow the herd for more resources. Within the hour, he heads off, following the sounds of titanic footsteps in the distance.



    Winner: Diplodocus. Of course Diplodocus was the winner; it was the only Dinosaur in the fight! But in all seriousness, there are good reasons for the young male winning. First of all, the old bull was starting to get arthritis and was ill during the fight, so it was weakened even before the battle. Although it was larger and had more experience, these factors proved just a little too much. The real deciding factor of the fight was the finishing move the young male pulled off, using the old bull's signature move against him. Had the young male not done that, it would have been exiled, though it probably wouldn't have suffered the same fate as the bull. 

    If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

    4 Responses to Diplodocus V.S. Diplodocus

    James Smilus

    May-16-2019 6:08 AM

    did you say diplodocus vs diplodocus?

    "A Dino Doesn’t Win

    Because of Popularity, It's Because of Science"

    James Inkton, August 28th, 2019.



    May-16-2019 2:07 PM

    Yup, which is what it was (even though there was a short fight between a crippled Diplodocus and 2 Saurophaganax at the end) XD

    If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


    May-25-2019 10:35 AM

    Thanks.....? hahaha

    If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


    May-27-2019 4:13 PM

    You're about as funny as that Shrek picture is huggable. In other words, NOT AT ALL!!!! XD jk lol

    If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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