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    Monolophosaurus V.S. Dilophosaurus V.S. Cryolophosaurus

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    Jun-20-2019 2:44 PM

    I'm finally doing it!!! I'm finally writing it!!!! I have not failed (entirely)!!!! I'm doing it!!!! I believe I can wri- *A few days later* Now I'll do it!!! Sorry that it took me so long to write this. First a few weeks, then I finally say it will be a few days! Unknowingly, even to myself, I meant another more than a week when I said "a few days". Well, I'm doing it now!!! The (not too important or cared about) wait is over! The battle will begin... right now! Or tomorrow from when I'm writing this intro... it is almost midnight at the time of writing... and I did just get a new book... yeah, you guys are seeing this tomorrow, or later...


    A terrifying killer slumbers in the undergrowth of its territory. The 22 foot long, blue and green feathered, purple Cryolophosaurus arises in its home within the Vivid Forests. Carnis has woken up. He looks around the center of his territory, a large clearing in the forest near where he slept. He heads toward it, sniffing the air to make sure there are no other predators in the area that may pose a threat. Much to his dismay, Carnis catches the scent of 2 other predators very close by, almost within his territory. However, he recognizes the species they belong to, and knows that they are usually quite a bit smaller than him. There's no way he's going to end up fighting both of them at once, so he should be fine. He looks around, just to make sure, and begins to roar. Carnis has been roaring for days now, trying to let others of his species know where he is. It's mating season, and not the first for this Cryolophosaurus, as Carnis has experienced a few before. Cryolophosaurus mate for life, and due to this females must choose their mates extremely carefully, or else they'll either be stuck with them for life or have to kill them. The problem for Carnis is that his territory is so remote to where Cryolophosaurus usually live that most females don't hear his calls, and the few that do may be too far away to actually go see if he is a worthy mate. Despite this, Carnis never stops calling, even though he has never caught the attention of a female and the end of the mating season is rapidly approaching. This may very well be his last chance to find a mate this season, or else he'll have to wait nearly another year to try again. He roars, roars, and roars again, but there are none to hear his calls. Finally, after many hours and as the sun is near setting, he ceases his bellowing. Carnis has finally given up. He has spent his day roaring with no reward, and he still needs to go hunt before night comes. As he sullenly turns to leave, he faintly hears a response call. He isn't sure if it is a female or not, but he immediately calls back, but trying to not sound too desperate. Once again, he gets a response, a bit louder and closer this time. Now he can definitely tell it's a female because of the deeper pitch. He roars again, and gets a call back yet again. This cycle continues, the mysterious roar gets closer and closer. Carnis roars again, getting even more excited and preparing to try and court the female. However, it suddenly occurs to him that he doesn't have a kill to present. Flashy purple crests and feathers and a courtship dance are important, but are nothing without a fresh kill to present. Preferably a hard to kill prey item. His spirit is quickly crushed at this realization, but continues to roar. Perhaps he can just barely manage to get a kill before she gets here. His trill is cut short when a force suddenly crashes into his side and he feels a searing pain in his right side....


    A true destroyer treks through the forests. It's violet and red feathers and blue scales cover its 20 foot long body, while atop its head sits 2 nearly identical bright blue crests. Destron has been walking for days, eating whatever he can while walking in no certain direction. He recently lost his territory to a pack of Albertosaurus, which killed the rest of his pack. Since then, life has been tough. He can't hunt the prey he used to, and has to survive on much smaller creatures to support his mass. He's walking to find an area with a more steady supply of prey, and he believes he's finally found one. It's in a very different section of the Vivid Forests, with prey closer to his own size and smaller than the size of the creatures in the Southern section he used to live in. Perfect for his current situation. However, as he inspects the area, he hears roaring very close by. He knows what species this is, and he knows he doesn't stand a chance, he runs in the opposite direction for a while but stops. He realizes the roars aren't trying to scare him off, because it's constantly roaring, and there is a similar, but deeper in pitch roar coming from farther off. Realizing this, he decides to sneak up on it and investigate what exactly it is doing. He finds the creature, but it just keeps roaring, not noticing him in his hiding spot. The creature constantly roars, and it begins to annoy him. He's also incredibly hungry. These are very good circumstances, so Destron decides to attempt to kill the Cryolophosaurus. He waits for Carnis to roar again before beginning his attack. As Destron expected, the Cryolophosaurus roars again, but mid roar Destron sprints as fast as he can towards it. He slams into Carnis' side, clamping onto his back while clawing him with his powerful arms. Carnis stops roaring and turns towards his attacker, quickly assessing the situation. He realizes it's the Dilophosaurus he caught the scent of earlier. Carnis shakes Destron off, faces him, and roars as loudly as he can. Destron hisses back at him. Carnis realizes this could be the kill to show the female, but he has to bring it down quick or else she won't come here after him not roaring for long enough. He sprints towards Destron frantically, but the Dilophosaur dodges last second and rams Carnis in his side. Carnis turns and clamps onto Destron's crests and skull, causing Destron to bellow in pain. Carnis thrashes as hard as he can, but after a few seconds of pure agony for Destron, he shakes him off. Destron takes a brief moment to recover before lunging for Carnis' neck. His jaws close on the Cryolophosaur's neck and he begins to shake his head, trying to dig his teeth deeper into the creature's thick neck. However, Carnis muscles the smaller predator off and rams into Destron's side as hard as he can, knocking the Dilophosaur onto its side. He places a foot onto Destron's body and lowers his head to Destron's neck. However, before he can finish Destron off, he gets knocked to the floor a little ways a way from a strong impact in his side...


    A murderous creature sneaks through the thick vegetation of the forests. The 20 foot long, dark green and yellow feathered, deep black crested and scaled Monolophosaurus stares at his rival, the one who he constantly fights against for this territory. The Cryolophosaurus who he's lost to so many times is fighting a Dilophosaurus, and Mortimen sees the perfect opportunity to kill his enemy. He just needs to wait for the Dilophosaur to die, and kill the weakened Carnis. The battle is short, and Destron falls to the ground. As Carnis is about to finish off the Dilophosaur, Mortimen strikes. He sprints full speed towards the larger predator, and rams him right in his side, knocking the predator to the floor. He roars at his rival, until Mortimen suddenly feels Destron's jaws around his neck. He shakes him off and claws him in the face. Destron hisses at Mortimen, until both are distracted by an incredibly furious roar approaching them. Carnis has already gotten up and is charging them. He clamps onto Mortimen's neck and forcing him to the floor. However, Destron clamps onto his back again and claws at him repeatedly, forcing him to let go. Mortimen gets up and proceeds to do the same to Carnis' other side. After an agonizing moment that felt like an eternity, Carnis finally manages to shake off Destron, and then he clamps onto Mortimen's crest. He shakes his head around, but gets knocked off by Destron again. He closes his jaws around Destron's arm and shakes, attempting to break it. However, Mortimen clamps onto his neck and tries to force him to the ground. Carnis is more powerful though, and begins to push him off, but then Destron runs in and body checks the poor Cryolophosaur. The combined force of the two predators sent Carnis sliding incredibly fast into the forest a few feet away, and he hits his head against an oak full force. Both predators let go and wait for him to get back up again. He doesn't. Mortimen turns to Destron and Destron faces Mortimen. The two roar at each other and starts clawing at each others skulls. Mortimen changes tactics and rams his skull into Destron's head, but Destron recovers and clamps onto Mortimen's neck. He shakes as hard as he can and begins to claw at Mortimen's neck, but he gets thrown off and falls to the floor. Mortimen runs in and tries to clamp onto his neck, but Destron slashes him across the face and kicks him off. He quickly gets up and rams into Mortimen's flank. He then raises his upper body up and slams it back down into Mortimen's back, the force causing him to lose his balance. Destron takes the opportunity and rams him yet again, knocking the Monolophosaur to the floor. 


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    Carnis comes to and looks around, slowly remembering what is happening and quickly regaining his anger. He was merely knocked about by the blows of Destron and Mortimen. He can feel his blood boil as Carnis realizes what those two just cost him. They cost him his possibly only chance at finding a mate. They came into HIS territory, into the CENTER of HIS territory, attack HIMAND COST HIM HIS ONLY CHANCE AT FINDING A MATE!!!! He quickly gets up to his feet and lets out a roar of pure hatred, or at least the closest thing he can feel to hatred. He sprints into the fray at his maximum speed, no, faster than his maximum, reaching a new level, fueled by his fury. Destron turns and looks to the roar, but recognizes the threat too late as Carnis crashes into him full force, obliterating his ribs and sending Carnis tumbling over him. Carnis quickly gets to his feet and clamps onto Destron's neck. He places one foot onto Destron's body and gives his neck a quick jerk, creating a CRACK that emanates throughout the clearing. Mortimen looks back in shock, back on his feet, at what just happened. Carnis bellows at him and sprints at him. Mortimen tries to run, but Carnis reaches him before he can build enough momentum to escape. He knocks the Monolophosaur to the ground. Mortimen quickly gets up, but Carnis grabs his neck in his jaws and slams him towards the ground with all his strength. Mortimen calls and trills at Carnis, and although he doesn't quite understand what he's saying, he understands that he's calling for mercy. However, no mercy shall be given to this Monolophosaur. Carnis slowly puts more and more pressure into his bite, as he puts a foot on Mortimen's thrashing body and begins to shake his head around vigorously. Mortimen's calls and thrashing stop, but Carnis doesn't stop. He doesn't stop until he rips Mortimen's head from his corpse. Carnis lets the head fall to the dirt beneath him as he lets out the loudest, more raged fill, most dominant roar he has ever let out in his life as he finally begins to calm down. Slowly, the realization that he lost his only chance of finding a mate and with it brings sadness, or at least the closest thing he can feel to that. Well, at least his territory is safe, his hunger problem is solved, and he can try again next year. As he turns to go eat from Mortimen's corpse, he hears rustling from the bushes nearby. Out steps an absolute titan of a predator. Not quite in comparison to a Tyrannosaurus or the like, but easily the largest Cryolophosaurus Carnis has ever seen in his entire life. It's quite a few feet longer than him and many hundreds of pounds heavier, it is also incredibly bulky proportionate to its immense length. It steps towards him and any hope he had disappears. However, he gets into a fighting stance. Carnis will not give up his territory without a fight, even though he is injured and exhausted, even though there are no possible mates for many miles of it, and even though this Cryolophosaurus out classes him in every way, he won't give it up. He's about to roar when he realizes something. The Cryolophosaurus gives a confused chirp, the deep black feathered and bright red scaled Cryolophosaurus has a duller and smaller crest than himself, and has a much deeper pitch in its calls, as well as many other minute differences between himself and it. It dawns on him that this is the female he was hearing earlier! He looks around, panicking that he doesn't have a kill to present when he realizes he has one, or rather two hard to kill, fresh prey items for her. She must of heard all the roaring from the fight, including his own. She must also have realized he fought both of them at once. Carnis just incredibly lucked out, and is happy that things played out the way they did. He hasn't exactly convinced the giant yet, though, and has to do a courtship dance. Hopefully he doesn't screw up his one chance to find a mate. 


    Winner: Cryolophosaurus!!! It was bigger and also bulkier than either of them. I made Mortimen a few feet larger than the average Monolophosaurus to give him a fighting chance, but still wouldn't have quite the bulk or size of a Cryolophosaurus. Dilophosaurus was lightly built and had a weak bite, its main weapons being its claws and speed. However, those weren't enough to bring down the larger and much bulkier predator with a stronger bite, Cryolophosaurus. Of course it couldn't take both on at once, but it the truce between Destron and Mortimen would have ended when they believe Carnis to be dead. Unfortunately for them, they didn't quite manage to kill him. So, due to superior length, weight, and bite force, Cryolophosaurus wins!


    I did it!!! I did it!!! It's alive!!!! IT'S ALIVE!!!!! Well, as soon as I click a button and write a few more words... After this long break, I might as well write what fight will be next. Least I could do. The next fight is Megalodon V.S. Purussaurus, suggested by The tru shark boy

    If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

    9 Responses to Monolophosaurus V.S. Dilophosaurus V.S. Cryolophosaurus

    The true shark boy

    Jun-20-2019 4:05 PM

    Great battle, Thank you for the shoutout and also what arena will you be using for the megalodon vs purussaurus fight?


    Jun-20-2019 4:16 PM

    Thanks, that means a lot to me.


    Not many places to have a fight, I'm currently thinking about either open ocean or a deepish coral reef, because a Megalodon wouldn't really fit anywhere else tbh XD

    If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

    The true shark boy

    Jun-20-2019 5:15 PM

    True but according to most articles about purussaurus it’s environment was described as “tropical and coastal” and megalodon was also a coastal animal but mostly offshore

    The true shark boy

    Jun-20-2019 5:16 PM

    Maybe the fight can take place in a lagoon or estuary.


    Jun-20-2019 5:25 PM

    Maybe, but not sure that's enough depth for a Megalodon. Maybe a deep one, but it can't really use the full extent of its abilities. Sometimes crocs venture out a bit, so maybe I could just say it was swept out by a flash flood or that it ventured out in search of prey or something into open waters.

    If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


    Jun-20-2019 9:18 PM

    I think it has to be in a coral reef, because an estuary would be too shallow for a Megalodon, and it would be really hard to explain how a Megalodon was in such shallow water that it got stuck in a lagoon.

    If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

    The true shark boy

    Jun-21-2019 4:27 AM

    I see your point an average depth of a lagoon rarely exceed 60 meters.

    The true shark boy

    Jun-21-2019 4:38 AM

    But still I’m excited to see it


    Jun-21-2019 7:38 AM


    If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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