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    Megalodon V.S. Purussaurus

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    Jun-30-2019 1:51 AM

    My first aquatic battle!!!! YES!!!!!!!!! Sorry that it's been so long... but I gotta live up to my name XD. This fight was a suggestion by The true shark boy, as mentioned in my previous fight. What a cool suggestion too! Trying to keep these intros short from now on, so no one has to read 200 word intros... anyways, LET THEM FIGHT!!!!!!!! God I loved King Of The Monsters... or I guess GODZILLA I loved King Of The Monsters... (LONG, SUFFERING SIGH)



    The dry season has ended. After many days of terrible drought, water is returning to the Great Plains, relinquishing the thirst of its inhabitants. However, during the drought, many of the aforementioned residents had left the area during the drought, so the once Great Plains are fairly empty. They will remain this way until the former inhabitants of the lands return. Of the few that remain, mostly small herbivores like Psittacosaurus, this is welcome as there are no predators or competition for food. However, for one titan this is a death sentence. For this 42 foot long, 8 ton Purussaurus, it means she must leave for a good few weeks and return with the prey. Seeing as how this dark green scaled and brown striped and spotted caiman is too massive to move very far on land, Rachel had to hibernate during the drought. She swam to the bottom of her quickly drying river, and slowed her heart rate and breathing. There she lied for many days and nights, until the waters returned. Now, there is enough water in the rivers for her to make her escape to the vast oceans, where she can find prey in the meantime. It is a journey she has made many times in her life, and purposefully chose her territory to be somewhat near the ocean, or no more than a day or two's swim from the Black Blood Sea. Thankfully, she was already at the outskirts of her territory closest to the ocean when the waterways became too shallow to swim through. Now she can find new prey in the estuary at the end of the Diamond Spray River. Of course, she has almost never ventured out further than those estuaries. She only did so once, when she was a much younger Purussaurus. There are two reasons Rachel has never gone back out there. Firstly, the prey there is faster than her, large, and more adapted for the environment, so they are incredibly hard to catch. Second of all, the reason she doesn't go in there is because of the reason the sea gets its name. If she went any farther out than the reefs, there would be blood in at least half the surrounding area. In some areas, the blood was so thick that the water looked near black, giving the seas their name. It wasn't the sight that turned her away, it was when she saw the kinds of creatures caused the carnage. Giant creatures, many types she's never seen before. Some somewhat resemble some other creature she had seen before, like a giant sea snake she saw, but others were beyond anything she could have imagined, which isn't really too high a bar. Luckily, she has never had to venture out further than the estuary. Until now. There is almost no prey in the estuary, for some reason. It seems like nearly every creature in the area is either gone or hiding. She sees some small fish every now and again, but nothing much bigger than one of her teeth. Rachel must swim out further into the waters. She follows the coastline a while, looking for something... Perfect. She has found a Dubreuillosaurus scavenging on a dead Cretoxyrhina that washed ashore. There isn't much to the carcass besides part of the tail fin at this point. Oblivious to its imminent doom, the red and black scaled and black feathered creature continues feeding until there is nothing left to the carcass. It decides to go into the water for a quick wade. However, before it can get there, Rachel shoots out of the water, aiming to crush its skull in her powerful jaws. However, with some sort of dumb luck or incredible skill, or both, it snaps its body and head out of the way just in the nick of time and begins to run for its life. Rachel goes without a meal. She follows the coastline further, but can't really find anything of value. She swims away from the shore and finds a reef, but yet again can't seem to find anything big enough to be a meal or slow enough to catch. She swims out to the very edge of the reef, until she finds a very steep drop off. She can't see the bottom for much further, and now must evaluate whether or not it's worth the risk of heading out there. Rachel decides it's not worth it and begins to swim back to scour the reef again, but as if on cue she hears a distressed calling. She looks back and sees a Cetotherium thrashing around in the water, missing a fin and calling wildly. It's disoriented and it's spinning in a circle along an invisible vertical axis. An easy meal. The Purussaurus swims as fast as she can towards the poor whale. Before it even knows what hit it, its tail is torn off, and soon after its head is crushed with a bite force twice that of a Tyrannosaurus'. Rachel begins to feed on her new kill at an incredibly quick pace. Who knows what kind of monstrosity will come and try to take her kill? However, there is one thing she forgot to take into consideration due to her hunger. Which of the terrors that inhabit this vast ocean attacked this Cetotherium. Whatever it is, it isn't far away. Rachel pauses from her feeding to look around the empty space she's feeding in. She has the distinct feeling that she's being watched. She looks around herself, but can't find anything. She suddenly feels an immense weight ram into her underside, breaking ribs and shooting her out of the water and into the air for a moment. Soon, gravity takes hold of her and the monster and brings her back down into the water. She can't see anything from the swarm of bubbles around her and from the shock from the hit. However, she snaps back to reality as she feels an immense pain in her back left leg...


    The open seas seem to be quiet, and peaceful. For the Black Blood Sea, this is never the case. However, it seems to be a slow day for the notoriously cruel sea. For this pod of Cetotherium, it's a very peaceful day. However, this nice day is about to become a living nightmare for them, or at the very least for one. They travel close to the reefs to avoid giant predators like the one beneath them, but at this time of year it's quite possibly the worst place they can be. This is because it is breeding season for a certain type of predator, in particular the predator that has hunted their species for millions of years. The titan that practically becomes stronger at this time of year, at least the females. And they swam over one of the largest among these titans. An absolutely titanic, 60 foot long, 50 ton shark watches from beneath them. The largest species of shark to have ever lived, Carcharocles megalodon. And of this breed Bloody Mary is among the largest. Not only that, but this giant, blue predator's already immense weight is increased by the fact that she is 6 months pregnant and close to giving birth. It's breeding season for C. megalodon, and they come to warm, subtropical, coastal areas such as this to give birth. A Cetotherium will be a nice snack for the immense shark that's barreling towards the Cetotherium at the back of the pod. Mary rams into the Cetotherium and practically throws it out of the water, partially coming up with it. They fall back in and as it is trying to recover she rips off its fin. She quickly retreats to the depths to maximize the damage her killing blow will do. As she is about to attack it again, she notices something. It looks similar to some of the creatures she's seen before, but also different. It has a blunter and wider snout than any crocodile, gharial, or alligator she has seen before. Must be a new type she has never seen before. She sees it check its surroundings before it comes in and STEALS MARY'S KILL!!! It begins to feed on it, much to Mary's anger, when she realizes something. She can probably feed on the caiman she sees right now, it would make for a much better meal than a Cetotherium and is quite literally sitting right above her. She slowly begins her ascent towards it when it suddenly starts looking around as if it knows she's there. It looks down right at her, but her camouflage helps her blend in enough that the Purussaurus doesn't even see her. When it stops looking around, Mary barrels towards the surface. She rams right into Rachel, sending Rachel almost fully out of the water and Mary's body almost entirely outside of the water. She lets gravity bring her back into the water and turns to face her prey. It landed on its stomach in practically a belly flop, causing even more pain. Mary swims up to it and rips off its back leg with her immense jaws. The new pain causes it to come to and quickly whirl around to face the threat. Rachel fins a giant shark ripping off her leg, as if she was nothing more than prey to it. It looks like a much larger, stockier, and differently patterned and proportioned version of the bull sharks she sometimes hunts in her territory. However, little does the caiman know, this giant is not related to a bull shark anymore than she is to a Kaprosuchus. She quickly swims over Mary's head, narrowly avoiding her snapping jaws and clamps onto her back. However, the shark's back is too wide for her to get a firm grip on and she slides off as Mary thrashes around. However, she takes the opportunity to clamp onto Mary's dorsal fin and tries to death roll. However, Mary has dealt with situations like these before and swims practically in an arc at top speeds, disorienting Rachel and shaking her off. Mary turns to face her prey and rushes it, jaws agape. However, Rachel dives underneath her attack. She rises upwards and clamps onto Mary's tail fin and holds on for dear life while trying to tear it to shreds. Mary is starting to panic. She can already feel the immense bite force of the Purussaurus beginning to crush part of her tail fin. She has to act fast. Mary slashes her tail fin through the water and swims down as fast as she can with Rachel still holding on. However, as they get deeper, the water starts to turn somewhat dark around them, and Rachel begins to get disoriented. Mary's starting to feel the effects, and although they haven't gotten to the point where light begins to not reach the area, it's still further than she's ever dived before. At this point it's a war of attrition. If Rachel can stay oriented longer, Mary will stop swimming and she can rip off Mary's tail fin and then go for her gills. If Rachel becomes disoriented first, Mary can shake her off and then rip her apart. They both try to shake themselves awake, but to little avail. However, Rachel becomes to disoriented to hold on and falls off. Mary stops and turns around to see her foe floating helplessly in the water. She rushes Rachel, but before she can clamp on, Rachel snaps back to reality and swims upwards as fast as she can, trying to escape the jaws of the giant shark pursuing her. She frantically thrashes her tail to propel towards the surface, beginning to lose air since she hasn't taken a breath since she was at the shoreline a good few hours ago. She pushes herself even harder, practically able to feel Mary's teeth an inch away from her tail. She breaks through the surface of the water so fast that she partially launches herself out of the water. Rachel quickly swims towards the reef while looking back, but she can't see anything. She looks around for Mary, but can't see the Megalodon. Not below her, behind her, in front of her, she even checked above her! Soon she calms down slightly and heads back to the reef. However, before she can reach the drop off, she feels a familiar, titanic mass slam into her underside, sending her into the air again as she falls backwards into the water. Mary turns to face her prey again when she doesn't see Rachel moving at all. She's lying on her back and isn't even blinking. The ram must have been so powerful it killed the Purussaurus. As Mary swims towards her meal, a strong current flows through the area. Not strong enough to be a threat to these predators, but strong enough to cause Mary to have to fight the current to reach her prey. The strength of the current somehow manages to push Rachel onto her back, causing her to snap back to reality. The first thing she sees are Mary's jaws quickly approaching the right side of her head. She swim as fast as she can forwards, trying to avoid the predator's jaws. However, she is fighting against the current and can't quite avoid Mary's giant mouth. Mary's giant teeth for which her species is named for sink into Rachel's tail, causing her to hiss in pain. Mary thrashes her cartilage skull, ripping off most of Rachel's tail. She swims deeper into the water as she snacks on her appetizer. Rachel tries to keep swimming away, but without her tail and missing a back leg she can't move much if at all. She spends a good 10 minutes trying to inch her way to the reef, making it only 10 feet closer being very generous, and she has sunk quite far. However, Mary isn't quite full yet. Now she's returned for the main course. She barrels upwards towards Rachel, and although Rachel sees Mary this time, there isn't anything she can do to avoid her imminent doom. Mary opens her jaws and clamps onto what remains of Rachel and propels them both towards the surface and out of the water. As Mary's body is still exiting the water, she thrashes her head around. The immense force rips Rachel apart. Practically as soon as Mary's dorsal fin reaches the air, gravity reclaims her and the remains of Rachel and thrusts them back to the water. Mary begins to gulf down large portions of the mangled mess that used to be Rachel. However, due to eating almost the entirety of her tail, she doesn't eat much of the Purussaurus. However, just because she can't eat much now doesn't mean she can't stick around here for a few more days to feed. She feeds on the carcass over the course of a few days, consuming several tons in flesh, skin, and bone, before leaving the meager remains to go wherever they may. 


    2 Days Later....


    A red and black scaled, with some additional black feathers, scavenger prowls the beach. The Dubreuillosaurus sees a bloody mess close to the waters edge, surrounded by many small Pterosaurus. Jackpot! He rushes over to it, scaring away the tiny fliers as he evaluates his prize. Some bloody chunks of flesh and a partially intact skull with some flesh still attached, but for the most part it's completely crushed. He begins to feed on his new treasure, but unbeknownst to this scavenger, he met this creature only a few days prior.


    Winner: Megalodon!!!!! Megalodon was much heavier, had a much stronger bite, and was more adapted to this environment. While Purussaurus is more adapted to shallower waters and low depth lakes and rivers when it rarely fought, a Megalodon was used to much higher depths than a Purussaurus, even though it was a surface predator due to its hunting method. Diving beneath its prey so it can't see it and ramming it out of the water, like a Great White Shark with a seal. Since it weighs so much heavier than a Purussaurus, and since a Purussaurus would never expect an attack like that, the Megalodon would practically toss it around like a Great White Shark would a seal. Not quite to the same extent because Purussaurus weighs several tons, but you get the picture. The fact that the Megalodon was pregnant gave it extra bulk which would increase ramming power as well as making it a bit harder for a Purussaurus to get a good clamp around its back or flank because it's so large. A Purussaurus wouldn't be able to fit any part of a Megalodon besides its fins or its tail from a certain point downwards into its mouth. Since Megalodon had the size, environment, and hunting technique advantage, the winner is Megalodon!!


    Next Time On.... Damn, I really need to come up with a name!


    A classic battle!!! A fight as old as time its self!!!

    Tyrannosaurus V.S. Triceratops!!!


    Coming To You On.... Whenever I decide to write it, IDK

    If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

    6 Responses to Megalodon V.S. Purussaurus

    The true shark boy

    Jun-30-2019 7:48 AM

    YES YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Awesome battle, this was definitely worth the wait. 

    The true shark boy

    Jun-30-2019 8:24 AM

    I liked on how you used large individuals of each species in this epic fight.


    Jun-30-2019 9:40 AM

    Thanks, it was really fun to write! Thanks for such a good suggestion! I definitely need to improve on my writing when it comes to underwater battles though XD

    If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

    The true shark boy

    Jun-30-2019 10:07 AM

    I don’t see any problems with this aquatic fight. Maybe add some photos of each contestant like James     but all in all I enjoyed this epic match up and I hope you have the time to make more aquatic match ups

    The true shark boy

    Jun-30-2019 10:10 AM

    Also please check out my megalodon vs sarcosuchus fight. It’s short though and it’s my first topic but I’ll make modifications to it if I have the time


    Jun-30-2019 10:59 AM

    Thanks, it means a lot! Also, just now noticed the topic in the forums, I'm going to go check it out now!

    If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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